How to use the Nostr social network via the web client

Why Nostr?

Social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, and others are run by companies. When using these networks to stay in touch with friends

However there is now an alternative called Nostr.

I have tested a few clients (for desktop and web) and at the moment in my opinion the web application is the best choice. Now I am going to give you a non-technical guide on how to get started using this web application.

Using the Nostr client web application

When opening the website the first time one is greeted with a login page. The login page asks you for your display name and here I just entered test for demonstration purposes. When clicking Go, the web application creates a public and private key pair. login

The next page shows you a selection of popular accounts which you can choose to add to your feed by pressing one or more of the Follow buttons. follow accounts

The next page lets you choose a unique user name for the website. If you for example choose testit, you get a human-readable Nostr address (a so called NIP-05 name) called Of course you can always choose to get a new Nostr identity from another website. If you have a private homepage with the URL, you can even create your own Nostr identity More about this later. select Nostr address

If you navigate to the account page, you will see your public key, which is a long string starting with npub.... account public key

If you scroll down, you will see a button to copy your private key to the clipboard. The secret key is a long string starting with nsec.... Now is a good time to store this private key securely, otherwise you will permanently loose access to this account. If you loose your secret key, your only option is to start over with a new account. You will need this key if you get a new PC or if you want to use Nostr on another device or client. Depending on your browser’s privacy settings, you might need the key next time you restart the browser. account secret key

When clicking on the home icon, one gets presented with two options:

When clicking on Following, you will see a real-time feed from accounts you follow. Also the top of the page shows you a button to copy a link to your public feed to the clipboard. If you haven’t chosen a human-readable Nostr identity, the link will be something like If you have chosen the name testit, your public link will be If you are using your private homepage to create a Nostr identity, you can also use as public link. feed

That’s it :)


Also you can follow me.

BTW, if you are looking for new type of content, you can search using the hash-tag #grownostr.

BTW, if you want to send/receive zaps (small tips using Bitcoin Lightning), I can recommend the Alby web wallet.

Advanced Users

This section is for advanced users only and is purely optional.

Nostr extension login (somewhat advanced)

You might have noticed that in my screenshot the login page has a clickable Nostr extension login link which makes login easier. This is because I am using the Firefox extension nos2x-fox which manages logging in without revealing the private key to the web application. In my case if I go to the account page, there is no option to copy the private key because the web application does not know it. In a similar fashion, desktop clients can post messages to relay servers without revealing the private key. Nostr extension login

Nostr address using private homepage (more advanced)

Note that the account page also has a Copy hex button which lets you copy your public key in hexadecimal form. In order to use your homepage to give you a check mark verifying the Nostr address, you need to place a JSON file at with the following content:

{"names":{"testit":"<your public hex key>"}}

Also you need to enable CORS. You can do this by adding a .htaccess file with the following content in the .well-known folder:

Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*"
Header set Access-Control-Allow-Methods "GET"
Header set Access-Control-Allow-Headers "Content-Type, Authorization"