This website is now based on Jekyll

Hi, I decided to update the design of my homepage to a responsive HTML design. This makes the web page look nicer on mobile phones. I ended up using the Hyde theme which is based on Poole which in turn is based on Jekyll. I hope you will enjoy the new layout. Here is a demonstration of what Jekyll can do (also to remind myself). See Hyde example for more.

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

This shows the message style.

The text can be italic or bold.

Quoted text looks like this.

strike through text

inserted text

Text with subscript and superscript

Horizontal line


Inline code looks like this.

def highlight
  # This is Ruby code
  some.source code

Here is a Gist from Github:

  1. Enumerated
  2. List
  3. of
  4. things
Name Upvotes Downvotes
Totals 21 23
Alice 10 11
Bob 4 3
Charlie 7 9

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