Orbiter 2016

Orbiter 2016 is a space simulator for PC which works even on graphics cards which are considered low-end these days. The simulator can be used to simulate launch, ascent, orbiting, space station dockings, flight to different moons and planets, atmospheric reentry, vertical landings, and landings on a runway. Click on the picture below for more screenshots:

Orbiter 2016 simulation of XR2 orbiting the Moon

Together the downloads are about 3GByte:

If you have a lot of disk space, you can install high-resolution textures.

Here is a video I made showing SCRAM ascent and ISS docking

I also made a set of videos showing a simulated flight to the Moon and back.

If you have time for some space training, I can recommend to check it out. Enjoy!


Orbiter source code is now MIT licensed free software!

See github.com/orbitersim/orbiter

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