Ruby Video Player

This is the second episode of my new Computer Vision for the Robotic Age podcast. This episode is about video-I/O. The podcast demonstrates how a video player with proper audio/video synchronisation can be implemented with the Interactive Ruby Shell. The Sintel short film (Copyright Blender Foundation) was used as a video for testing.

Here’s the source code of the Ruby video player created in the podcast:

require 'rubygems'
# load FFMPEG bindings
require 'hornetseye_ffmpeg'
# load X.Org bindings
require 'hornetseye_xorg'
# load ALSA bindings
require 'hornetseye_alsa'
# include the namespace
include Hornetseye
# open a video file
input = 'sintel.mp4'
# open sound output with sampling rate of video
alsa = 'default:0', input.sample_rate, input.channels
# read first audio frame
audio_frame = input.read_audio
# display images using width of 600 pixels and XVideo hardware acceleration 600, :output => XVideoOutput do |display|
  # read an image
  img =
  # while there is space in the audio output buffer ...   
  while alsa.avail >= audio_frame.shape[1]
    # ... write previous frame to audio buffer
    alsa.write audio_frame
    # read new audio frame
    audio_frame = input.read_audio
  # compute difference of video clock to audio clock
  delay = input.video_pos - input.audio_pos + (alsa.delay + audio_frame.shape[1]).quo(alsa.rate)
  # suspend program in order to synchronise the video with the audio
  display.event_loop [delay, 0].max
  # display image

You can also download the video here

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