RRobots - Robocode clone

I just stumbled upon RRobots. RRobots is a C-Robots/Robocode clone written entirely in Ruby. RRobots provides an arena in which robots - controlled by user code - compete against each other.

Since the programming language is Ruby, no compilation or linking is required. When you’ve finished coding the robot, you are ready to go. The software makes use of a set of images (turret, body, radar with different orientations, explosions). Amazingly the whole software including graphical visualisation, simulation, and mixin-code for the robots is only 835 lines of code. It uses Ruby-Tk for visualisation. Up to 8 robots can participate in a tournament.

ruby rrobots.rb bots/SniperDuck.rb bots/SporkBot.rb bots/ShootingStation.rb bots/MsgBot.rb

You can download a self-extracting archive with lots of robots from the robots forum.