Climategate casts shadow on IPCC

Sceptics of the so called “scientific consensus” say that, while CO2 is a greenhouse gas, the effect of CO2 (see my prior article on the topic) on the global temperature is rather negligible and certainly not catastrophic. Furthermore only a small quota of the CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere is caused by human activity. However so far there has been significant political pressure on anyone who dares to say this in public. They are branded as “climate change deniers”.

A set of leaked e-mails from leading researchers around the world suggests cherry-picking of data and covering up the inconvenient truth. Climate Audit wrote about Climategate and published the complete text of the e-mail a couple of weeks ago already. The news has become viral since then. The e-mail is part of a larger (61 MByte) e-mail archive which has leaked by a whistleblower.

The Corbett Report interviewed Dr. Tim Ball about the Climategate scandal.

In the following report (which I found in a comment here) Rex Murphy notices that this could be an opportunity for the scientific community to get rid of global players and policy makers and restore the principles of proper scientific conduct.

In the video Climate Catastrophe Cancelled from 2007 a scene is shown where Tim Patterson speaks in front of a government panel in Canada warning them that “science and politics have become disconnected” and that we are going to end up “sending billions of dollars in the wrong direction”.

We must not allow global players such as Al Gore to take away our freedom and set the aggenda when it comes to issues concerning the future global economy. The only way to create an environmentally friendly and sustainable economy is the scientific way!

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