Kubuntu 10.04

I finally decided to update my laptop to Kubuntu 10.04 (a distribution of GNU/Linux based on Debian). As usual I used the Live DVD to just rename the /home folder to /old, delete everything else, and mount the partitions in the advanced setup without formatting them (although like this I wasn’t able to make use of the new EXT4 file system). For new users there is an article how to do a graphical installation of Kubuntu.

KDE4 really has some nice eye candy. Also there are themes for many things and you can just download them using the configuration dialogs. Here’s a screenshot of the Kubuntu Spotlight theme I chose for the login manager. Kubuntu Spotlight KDM

For the boot splash animation I used the Spectrum theme. Spectrum Splash Screen

And here is a screenshot of the desktop in action. Kubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx (LTS)

The distribution can be downloaded free of charge at http://www.kubuntu.org/. There are few issues with the HP Compaq nx7400 notebook I am using. So far I’ve found the following problems:


I posted about listing manually selected packages with aptitude on the Ubuntu Forum. This is very useful for generating the command line for installing the same set of packages on a new machine (e.g. my new HP G56-108SA ;)). One can list the manually selected packages as follows:

aptitude search '!~M ~i' -F '%p'

I.e. you can run the following command on one machine:

echo aptitude install `aptitude search '!~M ~i' -F '%p'` > install.sh

Then you copy the resulting file install.sh to the target machine and run

sh ./install.sh

Basically !~M selects not automatically selected packages and ~i selects installed packages. See content of package aptitude-doc-en for more information.

Note that you might have to manually modify the file install.sh if the package names on the target system are different (e.g. 32-bit vs. 64-bit, other proprietary wireless driver, …).


Here’s a nice example of a dual-screen desktop running the same Kubuntu version.

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