Flight Simulator 2 on Atari ST

As a kid I got the joy of playing Flight Simulator 2 on my dad’s Atari 1040ST. The Atari had a 640x400 monochrome monitor.

I noticed that Debian 12 comes with the Hatari Atari emulator. Furthermore one can download a disk image of Flight Simulator 2 at atarimania.com. Then it was just a matter of unzipping the file and specifying the disk image on the Hatari command line.

sudo apt install hatari
unzip flight_simulator_2.zip
hatari --mono --disk-a "Flight Simulator 2.stx"

I took a video of the initial part of the demo mode here:


Update: You also need to download a TOS image for Atari ST and copy it to /usr/share/hatari/tos.img.