AIscm is a GNU Guile numerical array and tensor extension. It comes with a JIT compiler for x86-64 (AMD and Intel 64-bit processors).

Arduino Sainsmart

Arduino-Sainsmart is a small Arduino program which can be used to control a Sainsmart 6-axis robot arm and a Sunfounder gripper.

Arduino Mearm

Arduino-Mearm is an Arduino program for controlling a MeArm robot arm.

HornetsEye (partially deprecated)

HornetsEye is a Ruby real-time computer vision extension running under GNU/Linux. It offers interfaces to do image- and video-I/O with ImageMagick/Magick++, Xine, firewire digital camera (DC1394), and Video For Linux (V4L). HornetsEye is implemented in Ruby and thus can be used interactively. HornetsEye is free software!

Mimas (deprecated)

Mimas is a C++ machine vision toolkit which I have contributed to. It offers edge/corner-detection, object recognition/tracking, LSI-filters, segmentation, array-operators, convolution etc. OO wrappers for LAPACK, libxine, V4L, FFTW are also provided. The Mimas core was used in Blender’s structure from motion library. Mimas is free software!

Other Projects

Rigid body dynamics

Sfsim simulates simulates a rigid body, which is tumbling in space and falling towards the ground. After several collisions the object finally comes to rest on the ground plane. The resting contact is simulated using micro-collisions (video).

3D Graphics

Fsim currently is a 3D Wavefront Object (OBJ) rendering library with an object viewer implemented in C. The library is implemented using the munit unit testing library. Note that many graphics cards are not strictly OpenGL compatible. But the software usually still works even when the framebuffer unit tests fail.

Mobile Streetmaps (deprecated)

MobiNav is a small J2ME application for mobile phones which can display multiresolution maps. The software can display the direction to a target location and it can zoom in and out very quickly using a pre-recorded multiresolution pyramid. MobiNav is free software!

You can download the map of Weybridge here (license: GFDL).

A J2ME world map is available at and it has been downloaded more than 2 million times!