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AnyMeal is a GNU/Linux recipe database software developed using MySQL and XML. It can manage a cookbook with more than 100,000 recipes, thereby allowing to search, display, edit, import and export them. AnyMeal is designed to be lean and flexible. AnyMeal is open-source software. Happy cooking!

Here's a small collection of recipes, which you can download in the following formats: UTF-8 Mealmaster, PDF and HTML.

AnyMeal has reached the development status alpha. This means, that the basic features have been implemented. The alpha-phase has its focus on achieving higher stability and implementing useful features, which are still missing.

This is a picture I made in China. The picture is available under the terms and conditions of the GNU Free Documentation License.



Printing recipes is not supported directly, but you can export recipes to HTML and print them out with your favorite browser. If you know, how to use Apache-FOP, you can even create PDF-files from Formatted Objects output!

There is a wizard for setting up a database. Destruction of databases is supported by a simple dialog.

The architecture of this software is making extensive use of SQL and XML. The software is object-oriented and implemented in C++. By using the powerful XML-SQL-Utility-approach, it was possible to implement the database-backend very quickly.

Using flex, it was possible to build a performant importer for Mealmaster-recipes. Instead of having to type in your recipes, you can start with downloading and importing a huge amount of recipes from the internet.


Within a few seconds AnyMeal searches through more than 100,000 recipes

All search-commands are converted to SQL and passed on to the database to fully exploit the power of MySQL. AnyMeal is being tested on databases with around 170,000 recipes and 230 million characters. This is the equivalent of about 60 weighty cookbooks. Most other applications will fail to handle a much smaller number of recipes!


anymeal 0.31 - recipe management software - Make the most of your food! - © Jan Wedekind Sun Dec 19 19:36:01 2010 - GNU Free Documentation License